Upon arrival on my first year of AmeriCorps I didn’t realize the impact that one person can have on others. I remember growing up having people who I looked up to for advice, but it wasn’t until I started serving and reflecting that I realized that these people didn’t just give me advice they mentored me. And until I started mentoring I didn’t realize that I could be one of those people. I have seen the impact I’ve made in my students during City Year, my volunteers during VISTA, and my team during FEMA Corps. Even though my impact has been beneficial I know I can do more. There are times where I haven’t given 100% and because of that the choice my peers and students might have altered their behavior in a negative way. I like to think that that has only happened a few times and more than often I am the positive role model that I aspire to be. But I can still grow in my professional and personal behavior. I don’t want my students, peers, or community to be able to read when I am in a bad mood or am feeling down. I think continuing my service will enable me to continue developing that ability. 


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